Mataram, Our Beginning

The entrance of a culture,

The centre of an island,

The place many people call home.

Stepping our first step here brings a lot of blessings and lessons. It’s a throwback through history and twisting it into ideas full of memories.


It was a perfect choice to chose Central of Java as our first inspiration. We took Mataram as our main inspiration, where Mataram is a representation of two major sultanates in Central of Java, Kesultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kasunanan Surakarta. Where later these sultanates broke off their bond and established their own sultanate. With the separation, they still share some resemblance in their cultures.

How they still have the same soul but slightly different in our eye? 


With this history, we tried to trackback about these resemblances also learned about their differences. Walked our feet on the Mataram ground, asked the people about their story, embraced the cultures, and buried ourself into their lives.

Until we found one of the simple resemblances that they have in their culture, a thick practice in the culture.

With the humbleness of the people, we thought Mertamu is the right word for us to dig.



Mertamu is an activity of hosting a guest, where in Central of Java this practice is thick into their life and soul. We begin to research about this particular activity, how they practice Mertamu, the story about it, the formal tradition, things they need when they Mertamu, until things they should have.


With those research, we combine it with their culture, about the story of Mataram, the resemblance of each region, the difference, their beliefs, and their ideology.

After spent some time doing the research, we started to develop our inspirations into ideation. What kind of colour we want to present, what kind of ambience we want to express, what kind of story we want to tell. Then we started listing what kind of products that can be generated from our ideation.

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