Garments of Devotion

For this season, Tana only produced less than 20 fabrics in total. Our products are limited to quality control and sustainability reasons. We really want to put our own hand and eyes to every product that we made.

We named every fabric and file the data when we start to establish it into garments. So every garment has their own fabric number and product number. This is our way of being responsible for every product.

Designing our garments is not as easy as we think at first, we research about the culture, how batik could be cut or placed, about the functionality and innovation, and also the comfortability.

From our Gold Truntum Fabric, we make a unisex outer, where men and women can use it, the fitting is loose so any body-type will fit perfectly. With this product we really want any gender to try our garments, so we make the outer as neutral as possible but still telling its story.

Next to our own favourite fabric, Lurik Peranakan, we’re making a matching top and bottom, a camisole top and adjustable wrap pants.

The camisole top is a semi-modern style with a touch of traditional-like buttons. The buttons were inspired by Javanese traditional clothes, these buttons give this top it’s cherry on top. With its really thin straps give a balance to the full-covered camisole, the crop top cut will fit in with any of your high-waisted pants. This camisole is an eye-catcher but if your pair it with the Lurik Peranakan Wrap Pants. 

The Lurik Peranakan batik formed into wrap pants with a touch of brown stripes on the front and the Truntum on the ankle. This wrap pants will wrap your body perfectly, whatever the type is. If your bottom is small but you’re tall you can pick the large size or if your bottom is large but you’re petite you can pick the small or medium size, we have this own pattern to make an adjustable wrap for your hip without making the pants easily slipped off, this pants will wrap your body thoroughly.

In the production phase, we ask our artisan to make our clothes as neat as they can and collect the rest of the fabric from the production for us to make another product in the future.

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