Teak and Rattan

Our journey starts from exploring the story about Mataram. What kind of narrative we want to tell, what kind of attitude we want to picture, and what kind of feeling we want to present.

For the chair, we took a glimpse of story about how sultan sit, what kind of chair that he used, what kind of impression and  reasons that the chair brings. For the chair we were inspired by the sultanate throne chair and traditional Javanese chair. We want to deliver that sturdiness and braveness through the chair, that’s why we picked teak wood as our main material, then we combine it with rattan to lighter the figure, and we named it Lenggah Dampar, a Javanese language of sit for ‘Lenggah’ and throne for ‘Dampar’.

In the design phase beside we try to deliver the story we also prioritized ergonomics aspects in its design, besides rounded edges, the gap and the glider to ease its movements, Lenggah Dampar’s laid-back sitting position will gives you great comfort, the size of this comfortable chair could accommodate various body size to their comfort level. For the rattan weaves, we make this custom pattern, where it tells a story about how Mataram was originated from several sultanates and when the sultanates separated they still have something in common, for instance cultures.

When it comes to the table, we also use the same approach, exploring the story, extracting the narratives into the design. We found out there’s a box that usually used to deliver foods and goods, named Jodhang. With that inspiration, we design a table as a representation for a host to presents food or tea to their guest. We made Jodhang with 3 feet that represent the trinity in Javanese culture, which human will always have 3 matters, live, sense, and body.

Jodhang also prioritized ergonomics aspects in its design, besides rounded edges, the glider to ease its movement, Jodhang’s small yet sufficient figure will be a great choice for you. The material we use is also a teak wood to represents the braveness of Java. Jodhang maybe looks so small, but it could accommodate your utensils, with its excellent height it will ease the user to use this table.

Then move to our production phase, where we found these talented local artisans to make our ideas come true. We chose a high-quality teak wood and rattan as the material for our chair and weaves. There are some trial and errors in the production, from teakwood colour, the finishing, and some construction adjustments. In the end, we chose a warm-coloured teak wood with a semi-gloss finish to make a warm and elegant impression.

The process of furniture making is one of the most challenging thing we did in Mataram Season, a lot of quality control, prototyping, decision making, and other complicated parts. But in the end, we’re fully satisfied with the result.

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