Established in 2018, Tana is a home and living goods brand, that originally inspired and made in Indonesia. Tana also prioritizes sustainability. Every project Tana adopts Indonesian culture to inspire the designs and with the help of local artisans for the production phase, you can finally get the taste of Indonesia’s cultural diversity.

Tana’s story was established in 2018, when the two founders of Tana started expressing their love for Indonesia through their designs. After observing numerous potential of Indonesia, they were determined to explore the archipelago to get inspiration and story of Indonesia’s rich cultures and form it into a collection of products where each presents a different culture every single year. The products made won’t have any limitations, which later the products variation will adjust the current culture. So different story, different products. Look at Tana’s collections to see different story in different cultures.

Besides maximizing the potential of Indonesian culture, Tana intends to make it higher in economic value by collaborating with local artisans to produce high-quality products which will also benefit the artisans and ensured they get a fair trade. Tana also prioritizes sustainability, where the material used in the production phase are local and processed with local resources. Environmental-friendly materials, such as rattan, recycled paper, natural dye, cotton, ceramic and legal woods are mandatory for Tana.